Gutters and downspouts typically drain rainwater without making too much sound. But when you suddenly hear them making this loud and constant clunking, gushing or thudding noise whenever it rains, you might want to have them checked promptly. Here’s why.



Reason: Clogged Gutters 

Exposed gutters are generally vulnerable to debris accumulation. This results in clogs that make it difficult for the gutters to drain water properly through the system. Water will back up and eventually overflow, hitting the outside of the downspout or the side of your home. This not only creates a loud noise; it can also weaken your home’s exterior due to water exposure.


Solution: Check your gutters regularly for congestion. Any debris accumulation should be cleared promptly. You can also cut back the tree branches overhanging your gutters, or you can have quality gutter guards installed over the system.


Reason: Loosened Brackets 

Brackets are used to attach your gutter system firmly to the fascia and roofline. Inclement weather, however, can loosen these brackets and pull them out of place. Do you hear a noisy slap and splash against the downspout? That’s water not being channeled properly because of loose gutters.


Solution: If you’ve noticed that your gutters are not pitched correctly, turn to a reliable gutter company for the necessary repair or installation work.


Reason: Awkwardly Placed Downspouts

Downspouts are installed with a slight tilt to them. This way, the water is directed smoothly away from your home and into the drainage pit. If the downspout is installed at an awkward angle, however, it will just allow water to freefall to its corner, creating a relentless and somewhat annoying dripping sound.


Solution: You can try to adjust the downspout’s tilt by replacing its bottom section to create a wider and smoother angle. You can also muffle any noise by investing in an extender or downspout chain.


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