Seamless gutters solve a great deal of problems inherent to traditional segmented gutters. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose seamless gutters for your next gutter installation project.

Custom Fit

Seamless gutters are made with troughs that match the length of the roof’s edge, crafted on-site. This results in a clean and appealing look that complements siding and trim with clean lines. Custom lengths cut on-site also help reduce waste material during installation as there would be fewer gutter trimmings after installation is completed.

Less Chances of Clogging

Joints and seams in segmented gutters tend to trap twigs and pine needles, which can trap more dirt and debris over time. This results in damming and clogging and eventually, overflowing rainwater. Gutter Companies like us recommend seamless gutters because, thanks to the lack of seams in the middle of gutter troughs, they have far less chances of overflowing, and, therefore, they pose less risk of damage to the roof edge. There would also be less things to remove from the troughs during gutter cleaning.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Segmented gutters are more prone to corrosion when caulk and outer coatings get worn out. Seamless gutters have no such problems so require less maintenance. Seamless gutters also feature durable factory-applied coatings that can withstand most weather conditions. Choosing corrosion-resistant materials like aluminum or copper, and having a quality gutter protection system installed can further reduce its maintenance requirements.

Longer Service Life

All of the above features ultimately contribute to a long life and years of hassle-free service. While seamless gutters generally have higher upfront costs compared to traditional gutters, the savings from fewer maintenance and repair appointments, coupled with its longer lifespan, make it the more cost-effective option over the long run. Seamless gutters can also help improve your home’s value, which can favorably affect your insurance premiums.

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