Most people tend to focus more on the design and look of their interior spaces without giving much thought to how the exterior of their house looks. The curb appeal of your house can add tremendous value to your property, and, even if you aren’t looking to sell any time in the near future, it is never a bad idea to give it a little makeover if your budget allows. Here are three exterior design tips to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Exterior Design

Tip #1: Upgrade Your Garage

Your garage takes up too much real estate on the front of your home for you to just simply ignore it. Consider upgrading to better-looking garage doors, and you will notice an immediate improvement. If a replacement is too expensive, then adding better garage hardware and a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference.

Tip #2: Light Up Your Exterior

When done correctly, exterior lights can add major curb appeal at night while also increasing your home’s security. Try installing uplights to highlight the architecture of your home and to add lighting along walkways to make it feel more welcoming and safe.

Tip #3: Add a Little Greenery

You can never go wrong with adding beautiful plants and flowers to freshen up your home’s exterior. Well-placed plants are an easy way to spruce up your home’s exterior without breaking the bank. Consider visiting your local greenhouse, and ask for suggestions if you are not sure what kind of plants to pick.

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