Your roofing system is designed to withstand the elements, but it can suffer considerable damage if a severe storm hits your local area. Identifying roof damage is imperative to preserve the home’s structural integrity and restore comfort, safety and privacy.

Today, we detail the important steps you need to take on your roof following a storm.

1. Be Safe When Looking for Storm Damage.

Before you step out of your home and check its exterior for any signs of damage, be sure the storm has passed, and it is safe to proceed outside. Call 911 if necessary, especially if you see downed power lines, flooding or any electrical hazards. Once outside, be wary of potential hazards that might be out of your line of vision when you assess the damage. Check for heavy debris, fallen trees or loose or broken shingles. If it is a winter storm, see if there are ice dams.

2. Check for Signs of Roof Damage.

Several forms of roof damage vary depending on the type of storm that hit your local area. Hail damage, for instance, is easy to detect. This includes missing and damaged roof shingles and components as well as asphalt granule buildup in gutters and downspouts. Strong winds, meanwhile, expose the roof’s underlayment due to torn or buckled shingles.

3. Look for Signs of Water Damage.

In addition to the signs of damage mentioned above, be sure to also check for any presence of moisture on the other parts of your home. This includes the ceiling, interior walls, windows, attic and basement. Upon identifying them, immediately call the local roofers in your area who can thoroughly inspect the damage further and pinpoint previously undetected leaks.

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