With so much information accessible online these days, it can be challenging to determine which details are reliable and which aren’t. You may find this is also true in trying to learn more about storm damage and how you can protect your roof from it. Here are four myths about storm damage you should know.

Storm Damage on Your Roof

1. Storm damage is always visible. If you think your roof looks untouched following a storm in your area, remember that the effects of storm damage aren’t always easy to spot for an untrained eye. Your roof is a system composed of multiple parts and layers, with some not visible from the ground. Professional inspectors can uncover any hidden problems your roof may have and suggest proper courses of action you can take to resolve them.

2. Roof replacement is my only option. Beware of roofers who suggest roof replacement as your best option without conducting thorough assessments and considering the benefits of repairing first. Storm damage manifests differently from one home to the next, and each will require a different approach towards restoration.

3. Filing a claim is hard. It may seem daunting, particularly for homeowners doing it for the first time, but filing an insurance claim doesn’t have to be hard if you have proper help. Seek companies like Rapid Roofing that offer claims assistance services for their customers.

4. Any roofing company can adequately help me. Not all roofing companies are equally experienced in storm damage repair. You should work with contractors that have adequate proof of work and are recommended by people in your area. Make sure that they are locally operated as that would make them familiar with weather conditions in your location as well as the best ways to protect your home from any severe weather event.

Learn more about the real effects of storm damage and the best way to deal with it, with the help of one of Indiana’s top roofing and gutters companies, Rapid Roofing. We specialize in storm restoration and offer insurance claims assistance as well for those who need it. Give us a call at (317) 333-6061 (Indianapolis) or (812) 269-3575 (Bloomington). You may also fill out our contact form here. No-obligation and free inspections are available.

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