Keeping your vinyl siding clean and damage-free should be a top priority. Like most exterior components, it is constantly exposed to weather, plus other things that affect its appearance and overall performance. You’ll want to get the most of your sleek and vibrant home exterior – and this means regular cleaning and maintenance.

Regular Cleaning Is Essential

The occasional cleanup ensures your vinyl siding can stay beautiful for a longer time. The task is fairly simple – you just need to wash the siding and hose it down. But make sure to use only the right equipment for the cleanup. A soft cloth, plus a mild soap-and-water blend for washing, will do. To remove stubborn dirt and grime, use a soft-bristled brush.

Rinse the Siding Properly

When rinsing the dirt off the siding, aim the nozzle downward to stop water from going up between the slats. Otherwise, this can lead to moisture damage. Be extra careful if you’re planning to use a pressure washer: it can actually damage your home exterior in its highest setting.

Keep the Area Around Your Siding Clear

Check if the greenery around your siding has become overgrown. Any shrubs or tree branches that are getting too close to your siding should be trimmed. Otherwise, they can puncture or crash against your home’s exterior during a storm, creating dents, cracks and chips that can seriously compromise the strength and weather performance of your vinyl siding.

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