When you buy a new home, you’ll need to ask the right questions to know what you’re going to get. It’s a big investment after all, and asking about the potential home’s history and maintenance issues helps in knowing what you’re about to buy. To help you out, here are a few essential questions you need to ask:

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“Are There Any Cracks or Leaks in the Seal?”

There are a few causes behind roof leaks, but the most common is improper installation and maintenance over the years. You can be sure that there’s some damage within the roof if the current homeowner didn’t conduct maintenance and repairs regularly or after an extreme weather event.

While most gutter leaks will only affect the exterior of your home, a hole in the actual roofing system could seep inside and cause additional damage to your walls and furniture. If you want a thorough inspection, especially when it comes to possible cracks and leaks, hire trusted professional roofers who can look around plumbing vents, flashing and chimneys.

“What’s the Roof’s Age?” 

The condition of your future home’s roof will determine whether you’ll stay safe and dry for a few years or be forced to make repairs after a short while. You can have it checked by a professional to determine its exact age, and the roofer also look for possible red flags inside and outside the roof. This includes mold, moisture and infestation as well as curled, loose or missing shingles.

“Does the Roof Have a Good Ventilation System?” 

This is also critical when looking for a new home. It won’t be worth the purchase if the roof doesn’t have the appropriate ventilation system installed. A good roofing system allows sunlight and air to ventilate through your roof to avoid moisture, mold and rust problems. If the current home’s roof ventilation is below the standard requirements, it can build up excess moisture and cause structural damage to the whole roofing system.

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