A comprehensive roof maintenance program is crucial to the overall integrity of your building. So, it’s important to thoroughly inspect your roofing system.

Surface Area

Check the field of roof for any physical damage that may have been caused by hail, tools, heavy objects or excessive foot traffic. If your roof has a coating on it, or it has been sprayed with polyurethane foam, look out for blisters or separation between the roof layers.

Rooftop Units and Penetrations

Inspect the vents, skylights, hatches and HVAC equipment penetrations on your roofing. Ensure that the condensation from your HVAC units is moving to drains, and there is no water pooling on any surface. The seams in roof units should be watertight as well.

Flashings, Roof Edges, Control Joints, Etc.

Take a look at the roof terminations and edges. These areas are usually vulnerable so make sure there are no cracks or splits in there. The flashings should also be examined to ensure they are functioning properly. Moreover, any masonry walls should be checked for moisture penetration or deterioration.

Gutters and Drains

When inspecting gutters and drains, you should especially look out for leaves, dirt and other debris. These can block drainage, making it difficult for water to leave your roof. This problem can eventually result in standing water issues and water damage. Gutters companies also recommend checking any screens or strainers that are used in these drainage features. Make sure they’re functioning as intended.

Roofing Defects

Keep an eye out for any defects in the roofing system. Small holes, cracks and signs of wear can lead to more serious problems if left unchecked.

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