Sometimes, a roof collapse can happen during severe snowstorms. This can be caused by the excess weight of the snow on your roof. Also, if snow melts too quickly, it can cause even more damage to your home’s interiors. The melted snow can also cause flooding in your basement and compromise your septic system.

Winter Roofing Damage

All this can happen consecutively, but will your insurance cover all of it?

What It Usually Covers

Most homeowners insurance covers direct roofing damage from severe winter weather, but you’ll need to contain the damage as soon as your roof collapses. You’ll also need to move your exposed furniture and other stuff away from the exposed area or cover them with a tarp to mitigate damage.

The exact details of what the insurance covers will vary for each homeowner, but yours should also cover wind damage during a blizzard or displacement due to a major power outage. To prevent possible disputes when filing for storm damage repair, it’s important to present records proving that you’ve maintained your roof regularly as well as take pictures and videos of the damage as part of the claim.

What It Won’t Cover 

Your insurance agent won’t take roof collapses at face value depending on its condition prior to the collapse. The company will more likely pay a depreciated amount of the damage or deny your claim completely if your roof was already old to begin with and needed replacement before it collapsed. Your standard homeowners insurance policy also won’t cover consecutive damages done by the snow when it melts quickly and floods your home.

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