Storm damage on your home is the last thing anyone wants to deal with! But if you happen to be one in the path of the storm your next step would be to have a professional Roofing and Storm Restoration company come out and inspect – to assess the damage and help you understand the best next steps.


Storm Damage, Roof Repair


What are they looking for?

After a wind or hail storm there are often signs in nature such as ~ leaves blown off trees or torn, ~ down branches and limbs. If it was severe enough you will also see your ~ shingles blown up or off, ~ siding pieces missing, ~ soft metals dented, ~ screens dented or torn. If there is enough damage your roofing contractor or storm restoration company will suggest you call your insurance company who will assign an Adjuster to your claim. The Insurance Adjuster’s goal is to assess the damage to your property and write up a claim outlining the damage and what your policy will cover. Having the right insurance policy in place it critical. If you have an RCV (Recoverable Cash Value) policy you’re out of pocket expenses will be your deductible. It is an inconvenience to experience storm damage to say the least but it can also be a blessing to some who now can get a total roof, siding and gutters replaced for the amount of their deductible saving Hoosier’s thousands in out of pocket expense.

What happens if you do not get your home inspected after a storm?

One thing you need to realize is whether you can see damage or not it’s possible it is there. Often times only an experience roofing or storm restoration company can detect it. You can’t always see it from the ground.  Another thing to consider is the age of your roof – if it is older there is a possibility that the shingles are discontinued if that is the case even if you only have 10 shingles off the insurance company is required (depending on your policy) to replace the roof because you don’t want your roof to look like your mothers patchwork quilt – just say’n.

Storm damage will deteriorate your shingles more rapidly – you’ll notice granules in your gutters and downspouts. The faster the roof deteriorates the greater the chance for leaks – now, there’s the threat of it damaging your interior. Bottom line is YOU DON’T WANT YOUR ROOF TO GO UNCHECK AFTER A STORM!

To file a claim now or to wait? – that is the question!

The sooner you file the claim the better to get your home restored and your family and possessions protected. Let’s face it if you keep the money and don’t do the work you’ll likely spend it elsewhere. Then when you do need a new roof you’ll have to finance it – which most companies offer these days. The other thing you need to know is if you do not get the work done immediately how long do you have to get that completed? That is up to your insurance company and is likely identified in your policy. Typically an Insurance company’s policy is within 1 year or 2. If you miss that deadline and you did not get the work done and another storm comes through – you will not be able to file a 2nd claim for the same work. Every policy and agency is different it is important to contact your insurance agent.

You also need to realize roofing companies and storm restoration companies specialize in construction and can identified everything needed to put your home back to code. Therefore, their goal is to make sure your insurance claim has everything included to do that and if not they supplement the claim to include the missing items. That being said YOUR CONTRACTOR IS YOUR ADVOCATE – they fight to get you everything you deserve!

If you use a reputable company – verify them with the BBB, Angie’s List, Google Reviews, Yellow Pages, Facebook, etc. Make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured and that they are LOCAL – super important should you ever need to utilize the warranty that comes with your project.


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