Gutter leaks and other issues should be fixed as soon as possible. Remember: your gutters, along with your roof, are part of your home’s first line of defense against the elements. If water can’t be diverted to the drains, overflowing water might seep into your roof as well as the other parts of your exterior.

So, what are the most common gutter issues, and how would professional contractors fix them?

Fix Gutter Leaks and Sagging Gutters

Gutter Leaks

The usual culprits behind gutter leaks are standing water (water trapped inside your gutters can rust galvanized steel seams or joints – the part where the sections of your gutters meet – or seep through aluminum gutter seams) and accumulated debris (the additional weight load from leaves, twigs and other organic debris might cause some gutter sections to pull away from each other).

After checking the gutter hangers, the contractors will brush the insides of the gutter system clean and then allow it to dry. Once the standing water drains or evaporates, they will reseal the seams with silicone caulking and patch the holes in the gutters with roofing cement. It’s best to apply roofing cement in warm, sunny weather so the cement will dry quickly. But if the weather is a bit cold, the contractor will need to warm the roofing cement before applying it using a putty knife.

Sagging Gutters

Another issue caused by excess weight load from trapped debris – which is in turn caused by infrequent gutter maintenance – is sagging gutters. Under excess weight load, the gutter hangers may start to pull away from the fascia or the long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. Depending on the extent of the damage, your gutter system may need new hangers.

Why It’s Best to Let Gutter Professionals Handle Gutter Repairs

While fixing gutter leaks and reattaching gutter hangers might seem straightforward, gutter repairs require a certain level of expertise that can only be gained through professional training and years of experience. As such, it’s best to let professional contractors handle gutter and storm damage repair work.

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