Ice dams are a fairly common problem for many homes during the winter season. While it’s easy to pin the blame on snow and rain, what causes frost blockage is more complex and involves indoor heat, the attic and your home’s overall insulation.


What Causes Ice Dams?

These occur when compact snow on the roof melts and refreezes at the edges near the gutters. The meltwater then refreezes, causing a blockage that prevents water from properly flowing through the gutters. Over time, the ice dam itself may become heavy enough that it physically damages the surrounding shingles.

Many roofing and gutters companies will tell you that ice dams don’t form because of a problem with the roof or the harshness of winter. The true cause is the heat of your house escaping through the roof, which could be due to poor insulation.

How to Prevent Ice Dams?

There are two ways to prevent ice dams from forming. The first involves adding a roof vent so that cool air circulates through the attic to prevent the air from rising above the freezing point. The second method involves adding or replacing old insulation in the attic or top floor. This is a more preventive approach since it prevents warm air from accumulating in the attic in the first place.

Clean the Roof

Finally, make it a point to clean the roof to prevent the snow from packing up on its surface. Make sure to get rid of any leaves, twigs and branches as well as they may scratch the shingles and loosen its protective roofing granules.

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