Timing is everything when it comes to a siding replacement project. Certain times of the year offer more benefits than others.

We believe that the autumn season is a good time to replace your siding. Here’s why.

Favorable Weather Conditions

The fall is the safest season for siding replacement projects. Climate during this time is decent, with temperatures conducive for installing new siding. It won’t be too humid as well, which means your siding won’t be exposed to potential damage due to moisture.

You won’t experience these benefits at other times of the year. Winter’s low temperatures may cause the siding panels to contract. Unexpected rains can occur in spring, resulting in moisture problems during installation. In summer, the intense heat of the outdoors can cause the panels to expand.

Off-Season Siding Replacement

The autumn season marks the end of the busy period for siding contractors. Given the low demand for home improvement jobs this time of the year, you can get scheduled for your project quickly. If you’re lucky, you may find a trusted local contractor looking to meet their yearly quota, which will up your chances of scoring great promos and financing deals for your new siding.

Right Timing

By replacing your siding in fall, you give your home high-quality protection in time for the winter season. Since there’s no spring humidity or summer heat to deal with, installation can go along smoothly. With new siding installed, your indoors stay warm.

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