Severe weather strikes Indiana – what’s next?

Storm damage on your home can be unsettling. For homeowners, this can be a confusing and exhausting time. Still, you have to take the next steps to restore your home so that you and your contents are safe. But what are the next steps and what should you expect during storm damage restoration?


After the Storm

The first thing you should do after a storm passes is to make sure your family is safe. Have the family stay in one of the dry and undamaged rooms. Before they venture out of the house, look out for live wires, nails and other debris that might cause injuries. Once you know it is safe to venture outside walk around your property and take pictures of the damage: trees down, fences broken, shingles blown off or standing up, siding missing and if hail damage look for dents in metal on vehicles, siding, gutters, hail damage on shingles if not completely evident should be inspected by a roofing company even small less detectable damage from the ground can lead to leaks and rapid shingle deterioration.

You will need to make two phone calls after: one to a storm restoration company and another to your insurance provider. Insurance providers need storm restoration and roofing companies to provide a thorough documentation of the damage. The scope of repairs and renovation will be discussed with you and your insurance adjuster. The insurance company will then provide you with documentation outlining the scope of work that needs to be restored. At that time you will pass that onto the roofing and restoration company that did the initial inspection so that can review and get your project scheduled.

During Restoration

Depending on the work needing to be done if it is roofing or siding or water extraction you can expect some vibration in the walls so it’s important to remove anything from the walls or shelves that you don’t want to risk it falling and getting broken. Expect construction noise, with the combination of equipment and people working.

Expect material and equipment to be brought to your property so for their safety it is important to keep small children and pets inside or if necessary at another location.  If your home got flooded during a storm, specialized pumps, vacuums and dehumidifiers will be brought in to remove water from affected areas. Once the moisture damage is addressed, restoration experts will then move onto other areas like the roof. Having the roof done as quickly as possible will assure your contents aren’t exposed to additional damage.

After Restoration

Your contractor will discuss the restoration time frame with you before the project begins. Once completed, debris and left over material will be removed from the property. The roofing and restoration company will notify your insurance company that all work is complete who will then release final funds for the project. You should receive payment within a week, if you do not you will want to call them. Once payment is received you will make your final payment to the roofing and restoration company and receive a paid in full receipt.  And, if you were satisfied with the process it is always super important for the restoration company to hear your feedback on Facebook, Google or send them a note.

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