Deciding whether to repair or replace your gutters can sometimes be difficult. But with these tips, making the right choice might just be a little easier.

Gutter Repair

When coming up with a solution for a gutter problem, professionals usually consider the kind of damage and the condition of the gutter system. For instance, if the damage is limited to only one or two sections, you can simply replace these parts of your gutter instead of getting a whole new system.

If the issue involves a leak on a single joint or seam, you can remedy this by applying some sealant. If your gutter problem involves small holes or cracks, you can easily cover them with quality sealant. If you have large holes in your gutters, you can patch them up with a small piece of metal flashing. Make sure to have it glued or riveted, and then sealed.

Gutter Replacement

If you’re dealing with extensive gutter damage, gutter and roofing companies would likely recommend a full replacement. For example, gutters with hangers that keep slipping after refastening them are good candidates for replacement. Oftentimes, this means that the fascia boards are rotting or deteriorating.

In cases where the gutters are sagging, you may need to install new gutters with the correct pitch. Gutters that are incorrectly pitched can prevent efficient flow of water. If you have seamless gutters with dents or buckling, it would be best to replace the entire run.

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