When something goes wrong with your roof, the first thing to do is to call your local roofing company for a quick inspection. Your roof might look like one structure, but it’s actually a system composed of many different parts. Each part plays an important role in keeping your home safe from the elements. A problem in one part can easily lead to bigger and more serious problems in other parts of the roof.

One such part of the roof is the soffit. Many homeowners believe that the only function of soffits is purely aesthetic so they tend to put off repairing these components when they are broken. This is a bad idea and can result in a lot of issues with the roofing system.

How Important Are Soffits?

Soffits are long panels that cover the underside of your eaves. Without them, the eaves are exposed, putting the wooden beams and rafters that hold the structure of the roof vulnerable to moisture and deterioration. Soffits also provide a place to install vents in the attic. These vents help regulate humidity levels and keep the roof further safe from moisture-related problems.

Common Problems With Soffits

Soffits are extremely vulnerable to moisture damage because of their position. This also means that roof rot usually begins in the soffit boards. This is why it’s important to include a thorough inspection of the soffit panels in your regular roofing maintenance. Other common issues include the following:

  • If inexperienced roofers install your gutters, flashing and shingles improperly, the resulting water overflow will often lead to soffit problems.
  • Gutter problems are also related to soffits. Clogged gutters and ice dams are all equally damaging to your soffits.
  • Animals like rodents or birds might cause some physical damage to soffits over time.

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