The aftermath of a storm can be chaotic. For inexperienced homeowners, this can be a confusing and exhausting time. Still, you have to have storm damage restoration done as soon as possible. But what should you expect during storm damage restoration?

After the Storm

The first thing you should do after a storm passes is to make sure your family is safe. Have the family stay in one of the dry and undamaged rooms. Before they venture out of the house, look out for live wires, nails and other debris that might cause injuries. You can clear a path, but try to keep your home as is as much as possible.

You will need to make two phone calls after: one to a storm restoration company and another to your insurance provider. Insurance providers need storm restoration and roofing companies to provide a thorough documentation of the damage. The scope of repairs and renovation will be discussed with you and your insurance adjuster. An estimate of the repair costs will then be provided.

During Restoration

Even if your home is partially damaged, staying at home is not recommended. It will take several days to process your claim, which should be enough time for you to arrange accommodations for your family. Once your claim is processed, and the downpayment is made to your storm restoration contractor, materials will be ordered, and restoration can finally begin.

Expect lots of equipment to be sent to your home. If your home got flooded during a storm, specialized pumps, vacuums and dehumidifiers will be brought in to remove water from the basement and other affected areas. Once the moisture damage is addressed, restoration experts will then move onto other areas like the roof. Expect a lot of noise, with the combination of heavy machinery and restorers working.

After Restoration

Your contractor will discuss the restoration time frame with you before the project begins. Once completed, debris will be removed from the property. Your insurance adjuster may perform an inspection and have you sign some paperwork before the project is considered complete.

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