Numerous factors contribute to a roofing system’s premature deterioration. By knowing the most common causes of roof failure, you can take steps to make sure the roof above your home is protecting your home and your family properly. Here are the top four reasons most roofs fail.

Roofing Systems Fail
  1. Faulty installation: A botched job, when left undiscovered, can result in multiple extensive issues like water leaks and mold growth in the future. Be sure to work with only licensed and certified professionals with years of experience under their belt.

  2. Excess moisture: Typically caused by poor attic ventilation, trapped moisture can lead to condensation. Excessive condensation can eventually reduce your roof’s lifespan by chipping away on wood materials. A roof replacement may be necessary to prevent further damage caused by moisture.

  3. Low-quality materials: Your roof is constantly exposed to heat, cold and high winds, which can affect some materials, especially faulty ones. This can result in curled shingles, tarnished wood frames and broken gutters.

  4. Roof traffic: During repair or installation, contractors may walk all over your roof and cause damage. You can prevent heavy foot traffic by limiting access to your roof or maintaining rooftop walkways.

Why Roof Maintenance Is Important

Regularly inspecting your roof and fixing small issues proactively can avoid bigger problems in the long run. Scheduling a prompt storm damage repair after a storm, for instance, can help you catch issues before they become a source of stress. This way, not only are you extending your roof’s lifespan; you’re also increasing its durability and efficiency. When problems are beyond repair, however, it’s always best to replace your roof completely to avoid further issues down the line.

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