The weather is unpredictable, and rain is one factor that cannot be controlled. What if it starts to rain unexpectedly in the middle of a roof replacement before your job is completed? Don’t worry. As they work on your roof, any experienced roofers will make sure that there are no holes or gaps where water could seep through into the interior. They will keep working until they are sure that your home is safe from water damage.

Roofer Do When It Rains During Your Project

Roofing contractors always monitor the weather. They do not install roofs when it rains because the rain can adversely affect the quality of the roof installation. Most roofing contractors will call their customers to reschedule the roof project if there’s a very high chance of rain.

When It Starts to Rain

If it begins to rain during a roof replacement, roofers should immediately cover the decking with a tarp. A new roof should never be installed over wet wood or wrinkled sheer barriers because it’s against most building codes, and the shingles will not stay in place.

Before your roofing contractors continue with the installation, they should wait for the roof deck to dry if it was exposed to water. That is to prevent trapping moisture beneath the roofing material, which can cause the edges to swell or lift.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Immediately contact your roofers when you notice leaks during storms. You’d want to stop the leaks before they cause more damage to your home. Also, moisture can get between plies on a flat roof or between the shingles and felt, causing early failure.

Roofers typically use a roof sealant for smaller leaks. It will prevent water from getting inside your home during the rain, but it’s not a long-term solution. For permanent repair, your contractor would wait until the weather conditions are ideal.

When looking for roofing companies, one of the questions you should ask is whether they have plans if it starts to rain in the middle of your roofing project. Make sure that your prospective roofers have license and liability insurance before hiring them.

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