Every roof is different, a reason why replacement costs vary. Different factors can affect the price of your new roof, including size, peaks and valleys, materials and the slope. Contractors consider roofs “walkable” when they have a slope that’s not too steep. The steeper your roof is, the higher your project costs may be.



Steeper Roofs Require More Shingles 

Roof slope refers to how many inches your roof rises for every 12 inches of depth. The first number pertains to the rise of the roof in inches while the second refers to the run of the roof in inches. The run always remains at 12 since it is 1 foot. This means that a 3:12 roof rises toward the sky three inches for every horizontal foot it extends toward the center of a building or house.

Your roofer will need to use more shingles if you have a steep roof, adding to the cost of your project. If you’re building a new home, it would help to consult roofing companies or manufacturers for asphalt shingle costs for different pitch levels. Keep in mind that when your home is already built, there’s no cost-effective way to alter the roof pitch.

Steeper Roofs Are More Challenging to Install

Roofers need to be more careful when installing steep roofs to ensure the safety of the crew. They also need to make sure that your roof is installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. These measures can extend the installation time, and contractors give quotes according to the duration of the project. If safety equipment is necessary, they would reflect on the estimate as well.

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