For some homeowners, a low roofing bid may seem attractive. There have been numerous examples of low bidders getting the job, and, soon after, homeowners find themselves in a difficult situation with their contractors. This is why you need to understand and prepare for the potential risks that may come with a project won through a low bid.

Low-Bidding Roofers

There May Be More Change Orders

Low-bid contractors are prone to increased change orders. Typically, contractors underbid due to incorrect estimation of the project cost, so change orders are necessary to make up for the difference. These changes don’t only affect the pace of the project – they can also lead to claims that may require the help of a legal officer to sort out potential disputes.

It May Lead to Sloppy Workmanship

In most cases, low bids indicate potentially poor-quality workmanship. This is not to generalize every low bid – but at times, they are a sign that a roofer may lack experience or may have cut costs to win the bid. Either way, it results in problems over time due to the use of cheaper materials or schedule delays. In the end, you’re stuck with an unsafe and poorly built system. Reputable roofers will be honest with you about the actual costs so you’ll know what to expect with your budget.

You May Experience Costly Delays

Project delays are a result of significant mishaps. Aside from change orders, several other factors like the unavailability of workers could cause delays in your project.

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