Winter can be harsh on your exterior, which is why it would be a good idea to inspect your siding near the end of the season. Here are the signs of damage you shouldn’t ignore:

1. Loose Siding Panels

Winter winds have enough force and velocity to dislodge a siding panel or two. You can tell if some of the siding panels on your exterior are loose by looking for visible gaps or keeping an ear out for flapping noises during windy days. If you see any gaps or hear unusual noises, it’s best to have siding contractors inspect your exterior.

2. Moisture Damage 

Left unattended, gaps between your siding panels can let in water from thawing ice. Keep in mind that water doesn’t need gaps to infiltrate your siding: ice can build up in the eavestrough, and, when the ice melts, water can back up underneath your siding.

3. Rot

If your siding is made of wood or organic materials, there’s a chance rot might form. Rotting portions of siding should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent them from affecting other parts of your home.

Don’t forget about your gutters, your roof and siding’s first line of defense against moisture damage. To make sure your gutters weren’t damaged by ice dams, have a contractor from one of your local gutter companies inspect your roof and gutters.

4. Cracks

Aside from gaps, water can also infiltrate your siding through cracks and dents. Certain siding materials contract and expand as temperatures drop and rise. Repeated contractions and expansions from the freeze-thaw cycle eventually result in cracks. Wind-driven debris and ice, on the other hand, can leave dents in your siding.

If you notice any of the aforementioned signs, you should have experienced roofers or contractors inspect your exterior, including your roof and siding.

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