Siding can sustain as much damage as a roof during a storm, but it doesn’t get as much attention. So, what do you do if your siding gets damaged during a severe weather event?

Wind-Damaged Siding

Inspect Your Siding

Make it a point to include your siding when performing home inspections. Pay attention to impact damage, moisture infiltration and missing pieces. Take photos or videos before moving anything for insurance documentation. Talk to your siding contractor about your options. Siding doesn’t usually have the kind of wind ratings that roofs get, but some manufacturers do offer it. If your siding has coverage, then it can help relieve some of your insurance deductibles.

Consider Siding Replacement as an Option

One of the challenges of storm damage repair is finding material that will match the existing ones, which can prove to be difficult if the latter is discontinued as is often the case with old homes. While most siding products can be painted to match, it still has to match the style and profile of the original. Your siding contractor may offer a full replacement as an option if partial replacement won’t work.

Call Your Insurance Provider

Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover siding repair in addition to roofing. However, you have to make sure that yours does include this and what the actual coverage is. Some policies include coverage for full house siding replacement, even if only part of the house was damaged. Call your insurance provider as soon as your contractor has assessed and documented the extent of the damage.

File Your Claim as Soon as Possible

There are many reasons why you should file your insurance claim as soon as possible. One of these is people in your area will likely have the same insurance provider, which means you can get ahead of the queue the sooner you file your claim. Contractors like us who have experience with storm damage repairs can help make sure that you have everything your claim will need, including documentation of the damage and a quotation for the repair costs.

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