Contrary to popular belief, replacing your siding in sections is less cost effective than replacing it all at once. Here’s why it makes more practical and financial sense to replace your siding all at once:

Replace Your Siding All at Once

The Risk of Damaged Siding

It’s difficult to replace worn-out or damaged siding panels without damaging the siding near them. As such, if you’re considering replacing your siding in sections, you need to make sure the contractor you hire has the necessary experience. And, even if you manage to find an experienced contractor, you still can’t rule out the risk that parts of your exterior will get damaged during the installation process, which would effectively defeat the money-saving purpose of a piecemeal siding replacement.

Lower Aesthetic Appeal Thanks to Wear and Tear

Since the newly installed siding panels haven’t suffered wear and tear yet, they’ll look different than older faded siding panels, which would lower your home’s curb appeal. Remember: when it comes to exterior design, consistency is key.

Important note: if you decide to replace your siding all at once, it’s best to stick to one brand. This is to help ensure your exterior’s appearance is uniform. And, to ensure siding performance remains consistent, it’s best to choose reputable brands like Owens Corning®.

It’s Hard to Find Replacement Panels for Certain Types of Siding

Certain types of siding like wood shake and shingle siding are designed to be replaced down to the last shingle, so it shouldn’t be too hard to replace them. But others – like vinyl siding for instance – are cut in custom lengths to ensure a seamless look for your exterior and, as such, would need to be replaced all at once.

Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

If you’re considering replacing your siding all at once, it would be a good idea to consider its suitability to your area’s climate. You can maximize the returns on investment of your siding replacement by choosing an energy-efficient siding material that can handle the local climate. To learn more about your siding options, consult one of your local siding contractors.

Looking for exterior contractors near you? Here’s a tip: it’s best to consult local siding contractors. Since they’re familiar with the local climate, they can make better recommendations.

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